Craving for creativity in the blood of every person. But not everyone can become great musicians or artists. Here, modern methods of teaching the beautiful can come to the rescue. Let their use does not make an amateur drawing of the famous master, but he will definitely enjoy it. Painting by numbers for adults  is a new word in drawing, which everyone can master.

How to use the technique of painting by numbers

A person of any age and ability can feel like an artist and make your own portrait in a week or more, if he chooses the currently fashionable technique of painting by numbers.

Its features are that if you want you can realize your creative potential without having enough experience and skills.

For work you will need:

Tools for painting with pre-numbered jars, where the paint is mixed:

– Brushes

– Instructions for use

– A blank sheet of paper to check the fidelity of shades

– Cardboard with numbers

– Canvas

– Lacquer

First of all, you need to choose the basis of the picture and study the instructions that come with it. It is better to choose cardboard as a base to begin with. The first drawing should be a small format and a simple plot.

Of course, you need to have some notions about drawing. For example, shading or shading is an important aspect of any picture.

For beginners it’s better to strictly follow the instructions of the picture. Only with experience will they be able to apply their own skills.

There are several principles of painting the canvas:

From light to dark. This way you can avoid unintentional blunders.

From more to less. It’s better to begin with tracing large parts in order to properly arrange nuances and highlights.

From the center – to the edges. It helps to avoid the blurring of some parts of the picture.

From top to bottom. This method allows the already-drawn parts of the picture to dry faster.

It is not necessary to worry about colors on each can and each picture has numbers and they must be combined. Eat paint in the color that is indicated on this segment. This will greatly simplify the task of the artist. But if a certain shade, ran out, you’ll have to pick it up yourself, mixing a few colors.

This should be done on a palette or a separate sheet of cardboard. Thus, it can be understood that the technique is not complicated and, it can be mastered quickly.