It has been established that the context or place within which you study has a significant effect on how you remember information. A simple test can confirm this; try studying in a loud cafĂ©, a room where you are also practicing the guitar, a thanksgiving ceremony, or even a relative’s house. You will appreciate how these environments affect learning. Noisy environments will typically hinder learning. On the other hand, quiet environments such as the library enhance one’s ability to grasp content. It is thus undeniable that the nature of your study space will affect your learning capabilities. This article offers tips on how to create the right studying space.

1. Choose your place.

When choosing your study space, the initial step should always be choosing a comfortable location. You can designate a desk in your bedroom, a chair at the kitchen table, or assign your office as your study area. While choosing your study location, the important part is to ensure that you select an area with minimal interruptions, a relaxing and quiet space where you’ll focus on your studies. By dedicating a specific area to your schoolwork, you teach your brain to focus on studying when you get into this area exclusively. It is important to note that you don’t need to have an office to have a functional and quiet study environment. In fact, it has been proven that collaborative spaces offer better studying experiences and learning outcomes. You can thus find a study room at the library where you will study with a group of classmates.

2. Clean-up and organize your study room

Ensure that you schedule clean-up exercises before your study sessions. You should clean the room the night before. With a clean room, one has peace of mind, which will help to grasp content readily. Also, ensure that all the study materials you need for the session are within your reach to save time. For easier access to notes, resources, and folders, ensure you have them labeled clearly. If you find your study desk having a huge pile of scattered paperwork, below is a simple way that you can organize it :

  • First, gather all paperwork in a single stack, sort out the study materials you need for your session and wipe off the excess clutter.
  • Divide your stack into three groups, trash, the one you choose to act upon, and the one you’ll file.
  • For the trash, get rid of it.
  • Depending on your schoolwork, have regular sessions of filing your papers, such as once or twice weekly.
  • With a study environment that is organized and clean, you will focus on your studies.
  • Consider the amount of light in your space

screens emit

Spending hours on your phone’s screen or staring at your computer can make one feel drained and tired. The blue light that screens emit has been proven to disrupt people’s sleep patterns, which can hurt your learning. To prevent straining your eyes, ensure that you study in a place with an adequate amount of light. If you are in a room that doesn’t receive a sufficient amount of natural light, you can invest in a floor lamp or a small desk. This will be particularly beneficial among those studying in the morning or at night. With a sufficient amount of light, you will always feel focused and awake, ensuring more productivity as you study

3. Have a suitable desk and chair

Sites such as Limitless Home can prove helpful when sourcing furniture’s for your study room. A comfortable learning environment is critical. The desk and chair you utilize as you study is what determines the comfort of your study room. The best investment is an ergonomic chair that will ensure you maintain an upright posture. Those who study for extended periods should go for a chair with outstanding lower back support. With a desk and chair with the right height, you will alleviate problems that will distract your study sessions, including those that will affect parts like your hands, wrists, and neck.

4. Personalize the study space

While the study space is intended to be dedicated to learning, adding a few personal touches to it will make it livelier. You can hang some inspirational quotes, add plants, photos of friends and family to create a more inviting and warmer space. You can check out review sites such as ReviewsBird for platforms where you can source items such as drawings and other art to help personalize your studying space.

In conclusion, appropriate study techniques require that you have an organized study space. You can apply the above tips to ensure your space is well arranged. You can also visit online education reviews sites to have more tips on making your study space better.